Red Bay Heritage Group
The Organization
In the community of Red Bay, Labrador, known for its rich historical and cultural value, there exists an organization whose mandate is to protect and preserve the distinctive resources of the place they call home. Created in 1996, the Red Bay Heritage Group was formed in response to a workshop given by Parks Canada, in partnership with the Red Bay Community Council and the provincial Department of Tourism, regarding the development of a heritage tourism strategy for the community.

Realizing that the future of the community belongs to those who help shape it, a group of local individuals joined together to form this volunteer organization, with the goal and initiative to work toward the preservation of their cultural heritage. The Red Bay Heritage Group has become instrumental in helping maintain and promote local heritage through the following objectives:

  • to present local culture to fellow community members and visitors,
  • to instill a sense of community identity, and
  • to educate the most important resource of the community - the children.

In recognizing these important aspects of heritage preservation, the Red Bay Heritage Group has developed initiatives that enable the community to acknowledge and be proud of both its valuable past and its promising future.

Red Bay Heritage Group

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