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People often say that they wish they could "walk through time." Through an initiative of the Heritage Group, this is possible in Red Bay, as people can now walk through parts of history that have shaped the community over the years. What began as a brochure to highlight the historic sites and heritage resources in the community soon became the basis of a locally organized Heritage Walking Tour.

The tour encompasses thirteen points of interest that reflect different aspects of the culture, history and heritage of Red Bay over the past 150 years. Guided by a local resident, visitors are able to experience the heart of the community through stories and interpretations of physical surroundings. The tour not only provides a view of the beautiful natural scenery that the community has to offer, but it also allows for a taste of local hospitality and a rare, yet welcoming opportunity to take a step back in time.
The Red Bay Heritage Tour includes the following sites:

  • Loyal Orange Lodge
    built in the 1960's, this building hosted the"Orange Order" and served as the social centre of the community for many years
  • British Migratory Fishery
    site of old stages belonging to local fishermen, whose traditions have evolved from the migratory fishermen who came from England in the 1700s
  • The "Bernier"
    remains of a ship that grounded in 1966, carrying a load of coal for a local business
  • Red Bay Co-op
    the first Co-operative in Newfoundland and Labrador, formed in 1896 by Dr. Wilfred Grenfell
  • Local Fish Plant
    once the basis of the community's livelihood through the processing of cod fish
  • Saddle Island Light
    a small lighthouse was built in 1907 to help navigate ships through the narrow channel leading into Red Bay harbour
  • Penny Island
    buildings that were once the business premises for fishing exchanges in the mid 1800s
  • Pierre Constantin's Post
    site of a French fort built in the early 1700s to trade with the Inuit
  • Winter Housing
    The area where past residents lived during the winter for protection from the harsh weather (transhumance)
  • United Church
    local church that was built in 1951 to replace the old church and bell tower
  • Ranger Station
    constructed in 1945 as headquarters for the Newfoundland Rangers stationed in Red Bay (they were replaced by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1949)
  • Mission House
    the site of a parsonage built in the 1870s, which later became the community headquarters of Dr. Grenfell's missionary work and "industrial" craft industry
  • Church of England Cemetery
    the oldest community cemetery, consecrated in1853, which represents the first families to settle in Red Bay

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