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As educating people about local history and heritage is vital to its preservation, the Red Bay Heritage Group recognized the need to create a venue that allowed these community aspects to be presented and shared. The development of a library that would focus on local history would soon become one of the Heritage Group's major projects - one that would educate both the young and the young at heart.

After partnering with the town council, a room within the Red Bay Community Centre was designated as the ideal location for such a venture. With the interests of the community in mind, the Heritage Group concentrated on getting a wide range of literature, including local content and works that represent the community's close connection to the Basque country. Many books were donated to expand the library's selection.

The community library has been a huge success thus far, as it represents a focus for community learning. Its content brings the world to the doorsteps of local residents through media, technology and personal exchange. The library also houses a collection of stories, photos and traditions of the community for both current and future generations to reflect upon and enjoy. In addition, it provides an opportunity for visitors who wish to learn more about the historic and welcoming village of Red Bay.

The community library also serves as a permanent reminder of the strong culture of the people of Red Bay. In addition to the physical proof written in books and displayed on walls, the volunteer work, the many contributions and the community participation in keeping the library running is a testimony to the type of people that others wish to learn about.

Red Bay Heritage Group

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