Red Bay Heritage Group
A 19th Century Cemetery
In June 1996, just weeks after the formation of the Red Bay Heritage Group, the volunteer organization began its first project - the restoration of a mid-19th century Church of England cemetery, the oldest in the community. Time and weather conditions had caused the fence and some of the headstones to fall, in addition to the overgrowth of grass and alders in various sections. The Red Bay Heritage Group coordinated the volunteer efforts of local residents to help restore the cemetery to a more respectable condition.

Materials and manual labour were donated to the cause. The old fence was removed and replaced, the grass was cut and raked and new cement bases were poured to support the previously covered and fallen headstones. A walkway was constructed nearby, and wild irises were planted alongside. An interpretative sign was placed near the gate in recognition of the importance of the cemetery in the community.

Red Bay Heritage Group

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